Weekly Bits and Pieces, 2013, Week 30.

Weekly bits and pieces, including F#, JavaScript transpilers, and domain-driven design…

  • Functions with type variables in the signature are known as polymorphic functions.
  • An important test to perform when developing mobile apps – turn off data connections during operation, and see what happens.
  • 3 main categories of mobile apps to think of – native, hybrid, and HTML5. (e.g. see this presentation, slide 2)
  • Databases and frameworks are details. Use cases should be the highest level and most visible architectural entities. — Uncle Bob Martin, Open Source Journal, issue 4.
  • Zurb Foundation is a good competitor to bootstrap.
  • funscript is an F# to JavaScript transcompiler.
  • websharper is an F# web and mobile development framework.
  • funscript would work well with e.g. a ServiceStack REST API, and you can use F# to replace your JavaScript. The WebSharper lets you use F# all the way through your stack.
  • hacked.io was awesome.
  • Business activities and rules are as central to a domain as are the entities involved. —Eric Evans, Domain Driven Design, p.17.
  • The heart of software is its ability to solve domain related problems for its user. —Eric Evans, Domain Driven Design, p.4.
  • A domain model is a rigourously organised and selective abstraction of a domain expert’s knowledge. —Eric Evans, Domain Driven Design, p.3.
  • Try to always think about the reliability aspects of the code you write. What if the network goes down? A service bus can help. Asynchronous messages that eventually get resolved.
  • Developers should always think about how their apps are going to be deployed and distributed. It’s not enough just to write them and be done with it.
  • We’ve never had a successful cross-platform technology in the history of computing. Is HTML5 likely to change that?
  • Unlike TypeScript, which is a superset of JavaScript, Dart is a totally different language that compiles to JS. Same as FunScript and CoffeeScript in that sense.
  • altJS lists the different ways you can do web coding without having to directly write JavaScript.
  • Some people think you should just stick with JavaScript. Is it better for Discourse to use JavaScript or CoffeeScript?
  • The blinking LED is the “Hello World” of embedded platforms.