Weekly Bits and Pieces, 2013, Week 28.

More bits and pieces, including continuous delivery and ASP.NET on Heroku…

  • ASP.NET 4.5 apps start 30% faster, and use 30% smaller memory. (Hanselman keynote at Build)
  • You need to be able to deploy quickly. If you spend an hour on a bug fix, but customers don’t see it for months, then it kind of defeats the purpose.
  • Avoid manual deployments. If you automate it, you can do it as easily and as often as you need.
  • Continuous deployment = the ability to deploy continuously, after every change, to a certain environment.(How to achieve Continuous Delivery with TFS)
    • You’re more likely to do continuous deployment to a dev or test environment, not to production.
  • Continuous delivery = being production ready, through the development cycle, so you can release anytime. (How to achieve Continuous Delivery with TFS)
  • Firefox’s web developer tools include a Responsive Design View for viewing sites at different screen sizes.
  • Mobile-first design is worth considering when making web apps. (Mobile-First Web Design with Shawn Wildermuth)
    • Mobile should not be an afterthought at the end of the project. Don’t think “I’ll just throw in some media queries and it’ll be cool.”
    • Start with mobile as default, then be responsive for sizes bigger than that.
    • Pull in different parts of JS as and when you need them.
    • Keep JS small for mobile. It all uses up processing power.
  • You can run .NET on Heroku.
  • You can run OWIN/Katana apps on Heroku.
  • You can run ServiceStack with F# on Heroku.
  • VS 2013 will have Bootstrap templates for new projects by default. (Hanselman keynote at Build)