TFS 2012 Workspaces Not Visible in TFS 2010

We had created a workspace on our machine in the VS2012 Team Explorer. But the workspaces weren’t appearing in Team Explorer in 2010. How come?

There’s a new feature in 2012 called local workspaces. These are workspaces that you can work in while disconnected. You can perform operations like edit, delete, rename and compare while you’re offline. As they’ve got a number of benefits, TFS2012 creates workspaces as local by default.

However, VS2010 Team Explorer doesn’t support local workspaces. So if you try to view the workspace in VS2010 Team Explorer, you won’t be able to find it.

All you need to do to get around this is convert the local workspace to be a server workspace in VS2012 Team Explorer. You can do this via the Edit Workspace / Advanced dialog and set the Location setting.

Edit Workflow dialog

Of course, we might want to switch back to using a local workspace when we’re fully upgraded to 2012, as the offline capabilities are a nice benefit. You can also now edit files outside of Visual Studio and still have TFS pick up the changes.